Terms and Conditions

By using our website and services, you fully understand and accept the following terms and conditions.

We help to prepare, review and submit your application based on our best knowledge. But we do not guarantee the success of your application or that you will be granted a visa. Consulates and government agencies issue passports, visas, and other relevant documents.

All of the information on our website and that we provide in emails and over the phone is for reference only; it does not constitute legal advice.

We try our best to keep our website up to date. However, please understand that the Consulate or government agencies may change their requirements and fees without prior warning and these changes may take effect immediately.

Business day means days on which the Consulates and government agencies are open for business. Weekends, U.S. legal holidays and Consulate holidays are not counted as business days.

The day we receive your documents is not counted as a business day. (If we receive your documents over the weekend, the following Monday is not counted as a business day.)

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone without giving a reason.

Consulates or government agencies may reject or delay your application. You may also be called for an interview. We take no responsibility for any losses that result.

We make no guarantee that the government or the Consulate will issue a passport/ visa / document exactly as requested.

At all times and under all circumstances, our total liability to you for claims, liabilities or damages of any kind, shall not exceed the service fees paid by you to us. Under no circumstance shall we be responsible or liable for any indirect or consequential losses and damages, including lost profits or punitive damages. Your sole remedy against us for failure to obtain a passport, visa or other document in a timely manner shall be to request a refund of service fees actually paid by you. Refund requests and documentation of direct costs must be submitted to us within 30 days of the occurrence upon which you are basing your request.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

No refund will be issued:

If your application is denied or delayed, or you are called for an interview by the Consulate or a government agency

If you cancel the application before or after the appliation.

Shipping and delivery

We take no responsibility for delayed or lost shipments.

We reserve the right to explain and/or amend the above Terms & Conditions.